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Meet Marla


I’m Marla Helseth.  I’m married to Paul Helseth, who is a professor of theology at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. We have two kids and a Black Lab named Ruby, and we have lived in Eden Prairie for almost ten years, but before that we lived in Minnetonka for nine years as well. We know and love this area very much!  

I’m originally from Illinois. My parents grew up in the Chicago area and a few years after my father died of Sickle Cell Disease my mom moved me and my five siblings to Minnesota. I went into modeling right out of high school and enjoyed that for a while until getting work as an assistant on the municipal bond desk at Piper Jaffray and then working at Fair Isaac Corporation downtown. Outside of my day jobs I was simultaneously working in fine dining at D’Amico Cucina and Goodfellow’s restaurants and that’s where I became a food and wine snob. 

Paul and I married in 2003. After our kids were born I left working full time and concentrated on raising our kids and managing the home, which has been a great joy to me. After my kids were in school for a few years I began working at their school as a substitute teacher and Staff Aide, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Because it was a small school I was able to teach every grade and just about every subject from Science and Bible to Latin and PE.  I loved teaching, and I loved getting to know and love the children that I taught. In my free time (is there such a thing?) I read Flannery O’Connor or P.G. Wodehouse, teach myself the Russian language or bake something challenging.