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On the Issues

“If you don’t stand for something…

…you will fall for anything,” as the saying goes. We need to return to governing from the standard of our Constitution, not from the ideological winds of the culture.
Restoring Public Safety

Our cities have become more dangerous recently and it can be attributed to less police presence and policies that do not hold convicted criminals accountable. Trained and ethical policing at the proper staffing level is one answer. Another is making sure that public safety officials are properly funded, and that laws are enforced. If I am elected to the Senate I will work with others toward these ends.

Empowering Parents in Education

Families, not bureaucrats, are best equipped to make schooling decisions for their own children. We should give parents and families funds that follow the kids so that each family is empowered with finances to make the educational choice that suits them. More educational flexibility creates a better educational market, and raises standards at all schools. As a result, we could work to close Minnesota’s nation-leading education gap. As a Minnesota legislator I will eagerly support educational choice!


Minnesota is well known for our hospitals, university research and innovation.  Unfortunately, our tax and regulatory environment has made us anti-competitive in the large and small business sector. If we work to reduce excessive regulations placed on small businesses and instead reward entrepreneurs we’ll attract new businesses that want access to the beauty and benefits of our great state.